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By Their Strange Fruit




Items in the By Their Strange Fruit Collection:

By Their Strange Fruit Blogsite

This is the main blogsite for this resource. As described in the main collection description, By Their Strange Fruit is a website whose mission is to promote justice and racial reconciliation in the church. The church's history with race/racism is…
By Their Strange Fruit's Twitter

This Twitter account provides a brief description of what the blog is and what it does. It provides a link to the blogsite and the creator's personal Twitter page. It has a very active presence on the social media site, tweeting multiple times a…
By Their Strange Fruit's Facebook Page

This Facebook page provides visitors with a short summary of what the blogsite does, and the page specifically acts as a forum to interact with the latest articles, ask awkward questions, and learn how to turn words into actions. There is a link to…
Dr. Katelin Hansen's Twitter Page

This is the personal account of the creator of the main blogsite. However, there is no mention of the blog on the actual page. She does, however, provide a link to the blog's Twitter page in her own bio. Her Twitter is mostly comprised of upcoming…