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3-Minute Retreats




Items in the 3-Minute Retreats Collection:

3-Minute Retreats Website

This is a website produced by Loyola Press that allows people to experience a 3-Minute Retreat from their computer. This website gives you access to the different retreats as well as links to more information about them. For some examples, there are…
3-Minute Retreats Facebook Page

This is the public Facebook page of 3-Minute Retreats. The posts include links to the retreats as well as several other articles and pictures in relation to spiritual guidance. The page is kept up to date and has 35,873 likes as of November 10, 2016.…
Loyola Press Website

This is the website of Loyola Press, a Jesuit Ministry. The website includes information on faith formation programs, Catholic resources, and other spiritual based learning material. A link to 3-Minute Retreats is found on the website.
3-Minute Retreats App

This is an app for 3-Minute Retreats that allows people to download the app and experience the retreats from anywhere. Available on Apple and Andriod devices.