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The Digital Presence of @HopeMob




Items in the The Digital Presence of @HopeMob Collection:

@HopeMob Website

The HopeMob website is an informational platform to help members learn about, join, and donate to the organization. It was launched in 2012.
@HopeMob Facebook

The HopeMob Facebook page was started in 2012. It has countless posts, primarily sharing posts from other pages, advertising events across the country, and spreading the word about various charity opportunities. The most recent post is from September…
@HopeMob Instagram

The HopeMob Instagram was created in February of 2016. It has 1,059 followers and 22 posts. It posts primarily promotional videos to encourage support and donations. Its last post was in September 2016.
@HopeMob Twitter

The HopeMob Twitter page was started in 2011. It has 235K followers and has tweeted 12.3K times. It posts both original content promoting HopeMob as well as many retweets about related information.