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The Digital Presence of RELEVANT Magazine




Items in the The Digital Presence of RELEVANT Magazine Collection:

RELEVANT Magazine Website<br />

RELEVANT Magazine online is a online resource that attempts to bridge the gap between popular culture and faith. The magazine features articles, podcasts, songs, music videos, and an online shop that talk about current events, along with everyday…
RELEVANT Magazine Facebook

RELEVANT Magazine’s Facebook has 286,634 likes and is updated multiple times a day. The content on the Facebook page links out to RELEVANT Magazine’s online magazine, and publishes articles that discuss “faith, culture,…
RELEVANT Magazine Twitter

RELEVANT Magazine’s Twitter has 65.1K followers and is updated multiple times a week. The content that the Instagram account promotes the different articles, podcasts, and videos that are currently being featured on The…
RELEVANT Magazine YoutTube Channel

RELEVANT Magazine’s Twitter has 214,253 subscribers and is updated throughout the year. The YouTube channel puts up videos, podcasts, Q&A sessions, music videos, and songs that are also featured on the online magazine.