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What Would Jesus Tweet?

This exhibit explores how Christian leaders (ordained and lay) use digital technologies.

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Spreading the Gospel Online

An exhibit exploring how religious individuals, groups, and institutions use digital platforms to "spread the Gospel."

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Distinguishing "Good" vs. "Bad" Uses of Digital Platforms

This exhibit explores what constitutes a "good" vs. a "bad" use of a digital platform.

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Youth Outreach Online

This exhibit explores how social media platforms are being used for youth outreach.

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LGBTQA Christians Online

This exhbit explores the contradictory attitudes that can be found toward LGBTQA Christians in Christian digital spaces.

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Are You There God? It’s Me, a Millennial

This exhibit explores ways that millenials engage religion and spirituality online.

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Online Social Justice Sites with Offline Goals

This exhibit explores how the online presence of social justice case studies contribute to offline social justice goals.

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Beyoncé and the Bible: The Use of Pop Culture in Digital Religious Spaces

This exhibit explores the ways religious groups engage pop culture online.

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Women’s Online Engagement with Dominant Religious Narratives

This exhibit explores several ways women engage dominant religious narratives in online spaces.


Conversation as a Catalyst for Change

This exhibit explores how online sites foster conversation, especially among marginalized Christians.

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