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The Community of Hope AME Church’s Life Stream TV page offers live streaming of Sunday Church services and Wednesday Bible studies. Some videos are also available for “on demand” viewing.
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The Community of Hope (COH) AME Church’s YouTube account was started on June 2, 2008 and has 1,065 subscribers. This account is updated several times per month and contains videos of preaching and worship from the church’s weekly services, as…
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The Twitter page for The Community of Hope AME Church has 879 followers and sends out “tweets” several times per week, featuring highlights of the church’s weekly services, ministries, and events, as well as news from the AME Church nationwide.…
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The Community of Hope AME Church Facebook page has 7,041 “likes”, is updated several times each week, and contains photos, videos, and links to information about church services, events, and ministries, such as the COH “Voices of Hope” CD…
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“Community of Hope AME Church describes itself as follows: It was ‘conceived from the vision of Rev. Tony Lee and born by permission of the A.M.E. Church (2006). The name of the church reflects its soul. Community is that identifiable place…
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