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The public Google Plus profile for Central Baptist Church of New York City. As of November 2015, there are 38 people in the organization's circle. The profile is also accompanied by valuable information such as background, location, and reviews of…

The private Instagram account for Central Baptist Church. Through this social media network, the organization has posted to a private audience of 30 followers. The organization itself is following 19 other Instagram accounts as of November 2015.

The public YouTube channel for Central Baptist Church of New York City. Here, the organization posts all of its visual media such as videos of its Bible studies and sermons as well as other videos. Sermons are posted on a weekly basis, thus allowing…

The public Facebook page for Central Baptist Church of New York City. Pastors post pertinent news and general updates to church goers and Facebook followers. This social media outlet is updated regularly with postings occurring multiple times a week.…

This is the heart of Central Baptist Church's online presence. The site offers a simple, yet comprehensive interface that allow the visitor to learn about the institution, its values, and the people behind its success. It is also possible to make…
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