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Brian Houston is the senior pastor and founder of Hillsong Church, an international mega church. He has 460k followers, 279 following, 7,102 Tweets, and 50 likes. Houston Tweets at least once a day, sometimes multiple times a day. He uses this media…
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Brian Houston, the Global Senior pastor of Hillsong Church, has over 200k followers, 301 following, and 1,314 posts. Houston posts multiple times a day, predominantly using this platform to post inspirational pictures/mantras, pictures of Hillsong…
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Brian Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong Church, has a large following on his Facebook page with 237,500 "likes". On his Facebook account, Brian posts inspirational quotes and life updates and shares pictures from Hillsong conferences and shares…
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Hillsong's Youtube Account reaches an audience of nearly 330,000 subscribers and features the music videos of Hillsong Worship. Hillsong Worship is an extension of Hillsong Church that focuses on worship through Christian music.
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