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This is a link to a Tumblr page called “Everyone Is Gay,” on which Reverend Broderick Greer has contributed 5 different posts. The site’s main purpose is to provide a resource for advice and guidance for LGBTQ youth. In posts that span from…
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This is the personal YouTube channel for Reverend Broderick Greer. On this channel, the Reverend has posted only 4 videos as of November 11th, 2016, in which he discusses Christianity and social justice. The videos are just around two minutes long…
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This is the personal Tumblr page for Reverend Broderick Greer. On this page, the Reverend mostly posts religious quotes, but also posts his sermons, pictures, and rarely a personal video or gif. Although he was actively posting on this page in 2015…
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This is the personal Twitter account for Reverend Broderick Greer. On this Twitter page, Reverend Greer tweets very often, dozens of times a day. The topics of the tweets range from being personal, political, religious, inspirational and informative.…
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This is the personal Facebook page for Reverend Greer. On this Facebook page, the Reverend posts links to articles, upcoming events, pictures, videos and status updates. Most of the posts are religious in nature, but many of the posts have to do with…
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This is the personal website for Reverend Broderick Greer. On this website, one can find sections containing: information about the Reverend, embedded videos from his YouTube channel, audio clips of his sermons, links to his appearances on media,…

Contains speaker resources and other pins from the 2015 e-Formation Conference in Alexandria, VA.

Twitter account of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching. Posts are usually related to events at the Virginia Theological Seminary, Christianity in the United States, or Episcopalian faith.

Facebook page to promote the annual e-Formation conference. Also posts relevant articles about faith and digital media.
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