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The HopeMob Facebook page was started in 2012. It has countless posts, primarily sharing posts from other pages, advertising events across the country, and spreading the word about various charity opportunities. The most recent post is from September…
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The Toast Facebook page was launched in June 2013 as a companion platform to The Toast blog and Twitter. It has 47,474 Likes and posted almost exclusively links to articles published by the blog. It is no longer an active Facebook page. Its final…
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This is the public Facebook page of Candice Benbow where she shares information about her work as well as her personal life and thoughts. There are 1,118 likes on the page as of November 11, 2016.
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The Get Religion Twitter is updated daily with links to new articles on the Get Religion Website. It has almost 12,000 followers and 9,880 tweets.
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The Get Religion Facebook is updated daily with links to new articles on the Get Religion Website. There are tabs devoted to finding podcasts, email signups, and information about the blog. The page has 1,863 likes.
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East Lake Community Church Facebook is updated daily with information about new events and series, videos of past services, and ways to give to both the church and those in need. The page is “liked” by 7,863 people and says it is “very…
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This is the public Facebook page of 3-Minute Retreats. The posts include links to the retreats as well as several other articles and pictures in relation to spiritual guidance. The page is kept up to date and has 35,873 likes as of November 10, 2016.…
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This is the public Facebook account of Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International. He uses the Facebook page to post information on upcoming events, spiritual quotes, or videos of himself speaking about Agape. The page had 503,151 likes…
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This is the public Facebook page of Agape International that shares pictures and information on upcoming events that can be attended or streamed on the internet. As of November 10, 2016 the page had 37,111 likes. The page has frequent posts.
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Rev. Blackmon’s Facebook page has 9,198 followers and 4,941 friends. Rev. Traci Blackmon utilizes Facebook to share current events, related articles, and personal thoughts regarding such articles. Additionally, Reverend Blackmon updates her…