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This is the public Facebook page of Agape International that shares pictures and information on upcoming events that can be attended or streamed on the internet. As of November 10, 2016 the page had 37,111 likes. The page has frequent posts.
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This Facebook account is very active, posting daily for the 5,115 Facebook users that like the page. For the most part, the posts are links to new articles that were posted on the parent website. The Facebook page is also used to post memes that…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Facebook page acts as a facilitator of various forms of media. For example, most posts include links to other social media pages, such as Vimeo and YouTube. The page has 1292 likes, yet little interaction with those who have…
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This is the Facebook page associated with A Game for Good Christians. It is used to share Card Talks, status updates that are linked to the Twitter account, and other satirical religious images.

As the Facebook page of the BioLogos Foundation, the page functions as both a forum for the nearly 55,000 people who follow the page (as of November 10, 2016) as well as an arena to share information from the site and its leaders. Articles (from…
Blueprint Church Facebook.png

The Facebook page of Blueprint Church. Reminders about upcoming events, updates notifying members about new blog posts, and videos from their official YouTube channel are posted regularly (once a week). As of November 30, 2015, the Facebook…
Broad Street Ministry Facebook Page.png

This is the official Facebook account of Broad Street Ministry. The account keeps with a constant rate of activity, and conducts meaningful dialogue not only among its followers but also in the larger world.
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This is the public Facebook page of Candice Benbow where she shares information about her work as well as her personal life and thoughts. There are 1,118 likes on the page as of November 11, 2016.

This is the Facebook page for the Catholic Women Speak Network. 573 users like this page, and it is used primarily to share articles from various (mostly UK-based) Catholic websites and foster discussion about the issues raised in said articles. It…

Facebook page to promote the annual e-Formation conference. Also posts relevant articles about faith and digital media.
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