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The HopeMob Facebook page was started in 2012. It has countless posts, primarily sharing posts from other pages, advertising events across the country, and spreading the word about various charity opportunities. The most recent post is from September…
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This is the public Facebook page of 3-Minute Retreats. The posts include links to the retreats as well as several other articles and pictures in relation to spiritual guidance. The page is kept up to date and has 35,873 likes as of November 10, 2016.…
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This is the Facebook page associated with A Game for Good Christians. It is used to share Card Talks, status updates that are linked to the Twitter account, and other satirical religious images.
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A Nun's Life Facebook is a platform where the Nuns post pictures, videos, and times for the events they host on their website. There are 5,921 likes on A Nun’s Life Facebook. Multiple posts are made daily that include links relevant articles about…
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The Facebook page for Abilene Christian University is updated daily and contains posts related to various aspects of the University’s identity and mission, including chapel services, athletic events, ministries, retreats, community service work,…
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The Facebook page of 3,760 likes (as of Nov 2015) is operated year-round. However it is the most active during the Advent and Christmas seasons. It features promotional links, videos, and images in preparation for Advent.
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This is the public Facebook page of Agape International that shares pictures and information on upcoming events that can be attended or streamed on the internet. As of November 10, 2016 the page had 37,111 likes. The page has frequent posts.
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The Aleteia Facebook page has 142,550 likes, and is updated several times an hour with any content that is present on the Aleteia Website. It therefore contains posts with global news, life news, spirituality news, or videos. Their Facebook page…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Facebook page acts as a facilitator of various forms of media. For example, most posts include links to other social media pages, such as Vimeo and YouTube. The page has 1292 likes, yet little interaction with those who have…

As the Facebook page of the BioLogos Foundation, the page functions as both a forum for the nearly 55,000 people who follow the page (as of November 10, 2016) as well as an arena to share information from the site and its leaders. Articles (from…
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