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The Saint Lydia's Facebook page acts as mostly a promotional tool for the church's services and special events. However, it is also occasionally used to post specific readings and teachings. The page is incredibly active, sharing several posts a day…

The public Facebook page for Central Baptist Church of New York City. Pastors post pertinent news and general updates to church goers and Facebook followers. This social media outlet is updated regularly with postings occurring multiple times a week.…
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The yesHEis Facebook page of nearly 146,000 likes (as of Nov 2015) is updated several times daily with videos, pictures, and inspirational quotes. Though it is one of several social media platforms that yesHEis employs, the Facebook page is used…

Facebook page to promote the annual e-Formation conference. Also posts relevant articles about faith and digital media.
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This Facebook page has a general introduction to the mission of Hillsong Church and provides visitors with basic information such as the service times and location of the NYC chapter, links to their website and to their pastors . The page is mostly…
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The Facebook page for this project provides visitors with a brief description of what the book is, but does not provide much other information. It does not provide a link to a site from which to purchase the book. With only 573 likes, it also does…
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The Facebook page of 3,760 likes (as of Nov 2015) is operated year-round. However it is the most active during the Advent and Christmas seasons. It features promotional links, videos, and images in preparation for Advent.

Rachel Held Evans has 3,052 followers and 62,924 total page likes. She uses this platform to promote her books as well as regularly update her followers on social justice issues. She does this through her own posts as well as links to newspaper…


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Nadia Bolz-Weber has 75,190 friends/followers on Facebook. She uses this media platform to promote her books as well as post videos and pictures regarding HFASS and the inclusive environment she has created, as well as to promote other social justice…
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This is the public Facebook page for Lent Madness. The posts correspond to everything pertaining to Lent Madness. For example, the saints bracket. They make multiple posts each month. As of December 16, 2015, their Facebook page has 12,983 likes.
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