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The Google+ page for Aleteia has 149 followers and it contains links to videos, mostly in regards to Spirituality and the Pope, from the Aleteia YouTube account. It posts links to YouTube videos every five weeks, approximately. While it used to post…

This page on Google+ is made up of photos and links to articles in relation to those photos. Any reader can click on the active links in the posts to be redirected to the CAPC website.

Rachel Held Evans has 62,924 total page likes. She uses this platform to promote her books as well as regularly update her followers on social justice issues. She does this through her own posts as well as links to newspaper articles and videos. Some…

The public Google Plus profile for Central Baptist Church of New York City. As of November 2015, there are 38 people in the organization's circle. The profile is also accompanied by valuable information such as background, location, and reviews of…
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