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This is an app for 3-Minute Retreats that allows people to download the app and experience the retreats from anywhere. Available on Apple and Andriod devices.
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This is the website of Loyola Press, a Jesuit Ministry. The website includes information on faith formation programs, Catholic resources, and other spiritual based learning material. A link to 3-Minute Retreats is found on the website.
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This is the public Facebook page of 3-Minute Retreats. The posts include links to the retreats as well as several other articles and pictures in relation to spiritual guidance. The page is kept up to date and has 35,873 likes as of November 10, 2016.…
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This is a website produced by Loyola Press that allows people to experience a 3-Minute Retreat from their computer. This website gives you access to the different retreats as well as links to more information about them. For some examples, there are…
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The Ecojesuit Facebook page has over 2,019 likes, and is updated several times each week. It seeks to connect Jesuits, people, and ecology by containing photos, videos, and links about stories regarding social and ecological concerns. It shares news…
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The Twitter page for Ecojesuit has 2,023 followers and has “tweeted” over 4,600 times. It sends “tweets” about once a day about stories regarding worldwide ecological and social concerns, in either English, Spanish, or French.
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Ecojesuit is an ‘online newsletter that offers contemporary, original, and exclusively written commentaries, reflections and insights, analysis, and exchange of ideas and practices on worldwide ecological and social concerns. The editorial team of…
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The Find Your Inner Iggy Pinterest is a board created by Loyola Press, and it posts pictures of a cartoon St. Ignatius of Loyola, “Iggy,” with questions to interact with followers. Users can create and submit their own version of Iggy and share…
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The Find Your Inner Iggy Twitter account interacts with readers by posting and retweeting ways people live out the values of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The account also posts links to Jesuit articles and events to engage followers and promote Jesuit…
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The Ignatian Spirituality Facebook page posts links to articles, pictures, and resources found on The Facebook page also promotes outside articles, videos, and media that relate specifically to Jesuit spirituality.
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