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This is the Twitter account of Jim Kast-Keat. He has 13,900 tweets, is following 1,899 accounts, and has 4,141 followers, 22,500 likes, and two lists.

This is the Soundcloud page for all of Thirty Seconds or Less' audio posts. The page has over 730 audio tracks, and has 21 followers.

This the official Facebook page for Thirty Seconds or Less. 501 people like the page. The earliest post dating back to 2013.

This is the official Twitter page for Thirty Seconds or Less. The page has 2,323 tweets, is following 1,251 accounts,and has 1,291 followers, 889 likes, and two lists.
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This is the Thirty Seconds or Less webpage, which provides links to their various presences on social media as well as all of their videos. The videos are YouTube embeds. The website also provides a synopsis of what the project is about and the goal…
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This is Jim Kast-Keat's personal website, which contains links to personal information/biography, the Thirty Seconds or Less' main website, his Twitter account, his published writings, his blog, information about his public speaking engagements, his…
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