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The NCAA style bracket featuring 32 saints is the hallmark for Lent Madness. The bracket is released to the public on a special day called "All Brackets' Day," and the voting takes place during Lent. The saint that wins the bracket will win the…
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This is the personal account of the creator of the main blogsite. However, there is no mention of the blog on the actual page. She does, however, provide a link to the blog's Twitter page in her own bio. Her Twitter is mostly comprised of upcoming…
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This Facebook page provides visitors with a short summary of what the blogsite does, and the page specifically acts as a forum to interact with the latest articles, ask awkward questions, and learn how to turn words into actions. There is a link to…
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This Twitter account provides a brief description of what the blog is and what it does. It provides a link to the blogsite and the creator's personal Twitter page. It has a very active presence on the social media site, tweeting multiple times a…
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This is the public Facebook page for Lent Madness. The posts correspond to everything pertaining to Lent Madness. For example, the saints bracket. They make multiple posts each month. As of December 16, 2015, their Facebook page has 12,983 likes.
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This is the main blogsite for this resource. As described in the main collection description, By Their Strange Fruit is a website whose mission is to promote justice and racial reconciliation in the church. The church's history with race/racism is…
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This is the public Twitter account for Lent Madness. The tweets and retweets pertain to Lent Madness, its founders, its publications, and the saints bracket. They tweet frequently, and they try to tweet every month. As of December 16, 2015, they…
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This is the blog of Rev. Scott Gunn. He writes about religious topics such as Advent, Lent, and Jesus. He also writes about topics that do not pertain to religion, including coffee and politics.
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This is the personal Instagram account of Rev. Scott Gunn. Most of his posts are personal and some are spiritual. He makes multiple posts each week. As of December 16, 2015, he has 645 followers.
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This is the personal Flickr account of Rev. Scott Gunn. He posts include photos from trips he has taken. For example, there are photos from his trip to Singapore. Posts occur occasionally.
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