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Emily Scott Instagram.jpg

This Instagram account is used to display visually and promote the happenings at St. Lydia's Church as well as the personal endeavors of Pastor Emily Scott. These images feature conventions she has participated in, various examples of New York City…
Broken Bread.jpg

Broken Bread functions as a podcast for Pastor Emily Scott's sermons. She uses her sermons to discuss matters of social justice, such as advocating for affordable housing for the marginalized, by incorporating Scripture from canonical gospels. She…
sit and eat.jpg

This is the personal blog page of Pastor Emily Scott. Here she posts the sermons that she delivers at St. Lydia's Church, as well as pieces that are constructed specifically for those who are struggling with their faith. There are 55 subscribers to…

The Twitter feed of Pastor Emily Scott, head pastor of St. Lydia's Church in Brooklyn, NY. Usually updated daily.
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