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Rev. Blackmon’s Facebook page has 9,198 followers and 4,941 friends. Rev. Traci Blackmon utilizes Facebook to share current events, related articles, and personal thoughts regarding such articles. Additionally, Reverend Blackmon updates her…

Rev. Blackmon’s Twitter account has 3,850 followers and 4,931 tweets. Rev. Blackmon actively uses Twitter to share quick thoughts of wisdom relating to current events and daily life, as well as connect followers back to lengthier Facebook posts and…
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The “Dark Wood Brew” individual study and small group discussion series is described by Countryside Community Church as follows: “Darkwood Brew offers groundbreaking video resources to individual and small groups exploring “convergent”…
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Countryside Community Church’s Vimeo account was started in 2010 and contains 112 videos, primarily of sermons and music from church services. This page has not been updated recently, with the newest posts dated from 2013.
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Countryside Community Church’s YouTube account was opened on January 25, 2009. This page contains videos containing sermons and music from church services. It has not been updated recently, with most posts dated as 6 or 7 years old.
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The Facebook page for Countryside Community Church has 715 likes and is updated several times per week. The page contains various posts related to the church’s events and ministries, sermons from weekly church services, links to books and articles…
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“Countryside Community Church describes itself as ‘a wonderful place to find and worship God. We are an inclusive family of faith, welcoming all to our table of love and acceptance. We are diverse, yet united by Christ’s example. We care for…
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The Community of Hope AME Church’s Life Stream TV page offers live streaming of Sunday Church services and Wednesday Bible studies. Some videos are also available for “on demand” viewing.
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The Community of Hope (COH) AME Church’s YouTube account was started on June 2, 2008 and has 1,065 subscribers. This account is updated several times per month and contains videos of preaching and worship from the church’s weekly services, as…
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The Twitter page for The Community of Hope AME Church has 879 followers and sends out “tweets” several times per week, featuring highlights of the church’s weekly services, ministries, and events, as well as news from the AME Church nationwide.…
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