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The official website of Lent Madness. Created by Rev. Tim Schenck and managed together with Rev. Scott Gunn, the Lent Madness website features the Lent Madness bracket and other information related to it. This includes Monthly Madness/Monday Madness…
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The NCAA style bracket featuring 32 saints is the hallmark for Lent Madness. The bracket is released to the public on a special day called "All Brackets' Day," and the voting takes place during Lent. The saint that wins the bracket will win the…
Fr. Shenk Twitter.png

The personal Twitter profile of Rev. Tim Schenck. Rev. Schenck frequently (multiple times per day) posts both religious and personal images and tweets. Occasionally, Rev. Schenck also tweets promotional posts related to his published works or his…
Tim Shenk Facebook.png

This is the personal Facebook profile of Rev. Tim Schenck. Rev. Schenck frequently (once or twice a day) updates his timeline with personal and religious posts and images.
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This is the public Facebook page for Lent Madness. The posts correspond to everything pertaining to Lent Madness. For example, the saints bracket. They make multiple posts each month. As of December 16, 2015, their Facebook page has 12,983 likes.
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This is the public Twitter account for Lent Madness. The tweets and retweets pertain to Lent Madness, its founders, its publications, and the saints bracket. They tweet frequently, and they try to tweet every month. As of December 16, 2015, they…
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