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CWS twitter.PNG

The Twitter account of the Catholic Women Speak Network. This account has 287 followers and 84 tweets. It is used primarily to share links from Catholic news sources that deal with women’s issues in some way or another.

This is the Facebook page for the Catholic Women Speak Network. 573 users like this page, and it is used primarily to share articles from various (mostly UK-based) Catholic websites and foster discussion about the issues raised in said articles. It…
CWS site.PNG

This site serves as the hub for Catholic Women Speak services. It offers connections to offline resources, the “Woman Church World” magazine, upcoming events, discussion forums of various topics, photo galleries, and opportunities to donate…
Fr. Martin - America Magazine.png

This website includes Fr. Martin's biography as well as links to articles and blog posts he has written for America Magazine.
Fr. Martin - The Jesuit Post.png

This website features articles Fr. Martin has written for The Jesuit Post. There are 12 posts in total. Some articles are excerpts from Fr. Martin’s books or his articles for America Magazine.
Fr. Martin - Twitter.png

This is Fr. Martin's Twitter account, which has over 22,400 tweets and over 77,000 followers as of November 13, 2016. Posts feature Fr. Martin’s articles, information about events Fr. Martin attends, and retweets of current events and Catholic…
Fr. Martin - Facebook.png

This is Fr. Martin’s Facebook page, which features articles written by Fr. Martin and other Catholic thinkers, videos, and information about relevant events. All are open to comments. The most recent post is from November 13, 2016. The page has…
Fr. Martin - website.png

This website from Fr. Martin’s publisher includes information about Fr. Martin and his books and where to buy them, as well as videos introducing each book and others featuring Fr. Martin.
Busted Halo - Instagram.png

This is Busted Halo’s Instagram account, which has 607 posts and 7,462 followers as of November 9, 2016. Posts feature staff members, seasonal images, and information about new articles. The account follows 282 other accounts.
Busted Halo - YouTube.png

Videos produced by Busted Halo and shared on YouTube. The account has posted 201 videos and 11,273 subscribers as of November 9, 2016.
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