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Bill Golderer Twitter Page.png

Genuinely wanting to pursue the goal of fighting poverty, Rev. Golderer is the founder of Broad Street Ministry (BSM) and still holds the role of Convincing Minister in the church today. In the summer of 2014, Rev. Golderer began a partnership with…

Broad Street Ministry (BSM) is a church located in the city of Philadelphia with a unique mission, that of radical hospitality. The church introduces itself as a "broad-minded Christian community that cherishes creativity, fosters and nurtures…
Rooster Soup Co. Kickstarter.png

As Broad Street Ministry proudly writes on this Kickstarter page: The Rooster Soup Company is "not a soup kitchen, but a household." Over a year ago, The Rooster Soup Company Kickstarter campaign had successfully raised 179,380 dollars from 1587…

Adam J. Copeland is a blogger who writes on topics such as religion, technology, education, church, and culture. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he currently serves as Director of the Center for Stewardship Leaders and as a member of the…
RSC Instagram.png

This is the official Instagram account of The Rooster Soup Company. The account is one of the social media platforms the company uses to promote their mission, as its main use is to display the fun time the crew is having while running the non-profit…
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Federal Donuts&Rooster Soup Co.&BSM.png
Mike and Steve.png

The official video of The Rooster Soup Company that records the original story of this non-profit organization, giving a concise summary of what they do, what they believe in and where they are headed.
RSC Twitter.png

This is the official account of the Rooster Soup Company. Tweets and retweets are shared about the project's progress as well as the community behind the project, including Federal Donuts and Broad Street Ministry.. It also provides links to other…
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