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A YouTube page run by Ordain Women that looks at the role of women in the LDS Church. They have 120 subscribers and around 30 videos. These show Ordain Women events and discussions around the role of women in the Church of the Latter Day Saints.
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A blog run by various members of the Ordain Women community in which they explore their lives and their religion. They post several times a month highlighting influential women in the LDS Church. Readers are able to comment on the blog post or…
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This is a platform where Ordain Women shares a variety of images. The images do not just relate to the concerns of Mormon women, but some of the images also address recent events. This page has 435 posts and 891 followers.
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Ordain Women uses its Facebook page to share and discuss issues from its main website. It has more than 7 thousand likes on the page. The page contains images, videos and posts that support the main cause of Ordain Women.
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This is a platform where Ordain Women posts images that represent the organization. The board has 316 pins and 194 followers. The members of this organization are the ones with the ability to post on this platform and they do so regularly.
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This podcast contains interviews that ordain women have had. The interviews that have been posted so far regard issues like abuse, violence, and action. These relatively popular podcasts can be found on iTunes.
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