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This is the Instagram page of The Millennial Gospel creator Sarah Taylor Gibson. She has nearly 200 followers, much less than The Millennial Gospel. She often posts selections from her theology graduate work.

This is the Twitter account of The Millennial Gospel creator Sarah Taylor Gibson, where she posts about life as a seminary student and religion, as well as things which are otherwise relevant to her life. She has a small following (96 followers)…

Shakespeareandpunk is the personal blog of Alice Lesperance, co-creator of The Millennial Gospel. She does not identify on her own blog as any particular religion and tends to rarely post about religion at all.

This is the personal blog of Sarah Taylor Gibson, one of the creators of The Millennial Gospel. She posts about her life as a theology grad student at Princeton Theological Seminary as well as her personal interests in creative writing and pop…

The Wordpress blog was created out of a desire to post original essays from the audience of the Tumblr blog. It only has five posts.

This is the main presence of The Millennial Gospel, the most active blog of the project. It is rarely original content from the creators now, and the posts consist of “reblogged” content from others that share the project’s message of a Gospel…
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