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This is the Tumblr page for A Game for Good Christians. It links to the Store page found on the current website and has blog posts similar to those found on the current website. Like the posts on the website, these posts examine the verses found on…

Tumblr blog made up of posts concerning religion, race, and insights into the blog creator’s life.


Shakespeareandpunk is the personal blog of Alice Lesperance, co-creator of The Millennial Gospel. She does not identify on her own blog as any particular religion and tends to rarely post about religion at all.
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This is the Tumblr blog of the Believe Out Loud online network. It is used as an addendum to the home blog site, often linking to articles that appear on the blog as well as reblogging posts from other similarly-minded blogs. The number of posts and…
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This is the Tumblr of Candice Benbow. On the account Candice shares pictures and writings about her work and projects as well as some more personal sentiments. There is a pop cultural, theological and personal presence throughout the Tumblr account.…
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Several posts from He Calls Me Lovely link to this Tumblr page, which appears to be another Tumblr by the same creator. On this page, she does not share anything religious that is designed to be shared, instead using it as her personal page. This…
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A Tumblr page featuring images with biblical quotes or spiritual messages designed by the Tumblr creator.
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The Tumblr page associated with Faithfully Magazine is another aspect of the magazine where posts can be made, liked, and even shared. Tumblr can provide a space to vent ideas and have them noticed and accepted by others. News combines with…
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The Tumblr account of GOA Youth is a forum for humorous posts regarding traditions and rituals of the Greek Orthodox Faith. The account has not been active since 2014.
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Half A Saint is the personal Tumblr blog for the creator of the Two Confused Catholics blog. This blog contains mostly pictures and pieces of text that are reblogged from other sources, but also features some original content by the creator. Many…
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