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Pastor in Process is a tumblr page that deals primarily with the issue of homosexuality in a Christian context. The page was made by a queer pastor, Brad Allen, who personally faced a great deal of hardship due to his sexual identity. The popularity…

The Naked Pastor is a satirical tumblr page started by David Hayward that tackles a variety of issues pertaining to Christianity. The majority of posts are in the form of cartoons or comics that were drawn by Hayward himself. These cartoons highlight…
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This Is What A Pastor Looks Like is a tumblr page that is devoted exclusively showing pictures of pastors from congregations all over the world. Each picture is submitted individually by a pastor who also adds in a caption. On the top of the page…
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Notes of a Pastor is a tumblr page devoted to answer questions regarding faith and inspiring believers to reexamine their convictions. The majority of posts are in the form of links to audio files in which Pastor Dean Peppin answers a question or…
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Pastor Zach is a tumblr page started by Pastor Zach Way. The page has posts that are mainly comprised of motivational quotes and Bible verses. There are also a variety of artistic and motivational posts that Pastor Zach has re-blogged from other…
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The Tumblr account of GOA Youth is a forum for humorous posts regarding traditions and rituals of the Greek Orthodox Faith. The account has not been active since 2014.

Tumblr blog with content consisting of posts pertaining to religion, witchcraft, and popular culture.

Tumblr blog made up of posts concerning religion, race, and insights into the blog creator’s life.


This is the main presence of The Millennial Gospel, the most active blog of the project. It is rarely original content from the creators now, and the posts consist of “reblogged” content from others that share the project’s message of a Gospel…
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