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The Brick Testament Twitter.png

The Brick Testament Twitter account in which Elbe Spurling posts about the projects that she is working on. It has 233 tweets, 749 followers and 1 like and is currently active with posts every couple of days.
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JustFaith Ministries Twitter account has 370 followers and posts a couple of times annually. The posts are mostly related to news about the organization, news about Catholicism, or social justice.
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RELEVANT Magazine’s Twitter has 214,253 subscribers and is updated throughout the year. The YouTube channel puts up videos, podcasts, Q&A sessions, music videos, and songs that are also featured on the online magazine.
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RELEVANT Magazine’s Twitter has 65.1K followers and is updated multiple times a week. The content that the Instagram account promotes the different articles, podcasts, and videos that are currently being featured on The…
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The Twitter page for I Am Second has 135,000 followers and is updated several times per week. The page contains various inspiring messages that promote the overall message of the organization and features quotes from the organization’s…
Jon Acuff’s Twitter.png

Jon Acuff’s personal Twitter feed. It contains posts about his daily life, social commentary and works. It has 45.1k tweets, 283k followers, 4,930 likes and is currently active with posts every day.Jon Acuff’s personal Twitter feed. It contains…
Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 10.02.54 AM.png

The HopeMob Twitter page was started in 2011. It has 235K followers and has tweeted 12.3K times. It posts both original content promoting HopeMob as well as many retweets about related information.
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The NALT Christians Project Twitter page was launched in July 2013. It has 1,280 followers 312 tweets, primarily articles and blog posts related to its mission. Its posts are identical to its Facebook feed.
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The Toast Twitter page was launched in May 2013 as a companion platform to The Toast blog. It has 41.9K followers and 5,358 posts that are almost exclusively links to articles published by the blog. It is no longer an active Twitter page. Its final…
Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.07.27 AM.png

This is the public Twitter account of Candice Benbow. She shares images and tweets about her personal life. This includes the loss of her mother and the presidential election. She also promotes her writings and other projects. The account has 4,949…
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