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The Vimeo page for East Lake Community Church features recordings of their services, interviews with people in the Church, music videos, and other promotional and reflective content. There are 178 videos on the site with more are posted weekly.
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Countryside Community Church’s Vimeo account was started in 2010 and contains 112 videos, primarily of sermons and music from church services. This page has not been updated recently, with the newest posts dated from 2013.
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Quest Church joined Vimeo in 2009 and their page contains 482 videos, has 4 likes, 2 following, 1 group (Quest Children and Family Ministry), and one channel (Quest Church Sermons), as of January 29, 2016. The majority of the videos are sermons from…
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Videos shared by The SALT project on Vimeo, a free video-sharing website. There have been 67 videos posted in a 4 year span.
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Created in 2009, the channel has over 50 videos, consisting of mini-documentaries, promos, church member profiles, and brief free-verse-type sermons. The last uploaded video "The History of Blueprint" was posted in 2013. The church now appears to…
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A person can listen to these sermons on two different mediums. First, a person can listen to them for free on iTunes. And second, a person can listen to them on Vimeo. As of December 16, 2015, there are 130 videos on Vimeo, and they have only four…
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The Official Vimeo channel of Lent Madness. Run by the Supreme Executive Committee, Rev. Tim Schenck and Rev. Scott Gunn, the Vimeo channel used to be the site for the weekly "Monday Madness" videos until February 24, 2014 when Rev. Schenck and Rev.…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Church Vimeo page is a facilitator of the church's most recent videos. The clips concern worship, faith, the youth of the church, extracurricular church activities, and philanthropy in which the church participates. There…
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This video is a “highlight” piece - summarizing Hillsong Church's philanthropy and activism in the New York City community for the past month. It is the equivalent of the beginning of a sermon typically given in churches which have a considerate…
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