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The Mudroom on Pinterest has been inactive for over a year. Archived photos from the blog are still available, however. The Pinterest board has 410 followers, but hardly any likes or re-pins.
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@MudroomBlog is a Twitter page acting as an extension of the The account has 1,620 followers, but hardly any likes or engagement. The posts are seemingly automated from the blog. The twitter is run from Chicago.
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The Mudroom’s Facebook page primarily shares the blog posts across platforms. With only 1,418 likes, however, the page does not see very much user engagement.
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The Mudroom is a blog which prides itself on making room for people who feel they otherwise don’t have a seat at the table, hence the idea of “meeting in the mudroom.” This might apply to various social spaces, like in the home, at church, or…
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Notes of a Pastor is a tumblr page devoted to answer questions regarding faith and inspiring believers to reexamine their convictions. The majority of posts are in the form of links to audio files in which Pastor Dean Peppin answers a question or…
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