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The Faithfully Magazine Instagram account features pictures and videos that relate to the incorporation of Christianity into news and current events. This Instagram account helps to enhance and promote the ideals of Faithfully Magazine. Currently,…
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The Tumblr page associated with Faithfully Magazine is another aspect of the magazine where posts can be made, liked, and even shared. Tumblr can provide a space to vent ideas and have them noticed and accepted by others. News combines with…
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This Youtube Channel associated with the Faithfully Magazine will serve to provide videos related to the mission of the online magazine, to promote diversity and share the news from a Christian perspective.
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This podcast for the Faithfully Magazine is connected to the main online magazine, and within the podcast you can listen to “Conversations About Christianity and Race”. These podcasts bring about issues of social injustice, race, and changes…
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This Twitter page serves to add to the other forms of media for the online magazine. This Twitter account posts daily featuring information on current news and Christianity, similarly to the Facebook page.
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The Faithfully Magazine Facebook page is an extension of the website that promotes Christianity and diversity of people and beliefs. It is known as a “new magazine for the times.” Articles relate to current issues of injustice and how they…

Faithfully Magazine is an online magazine that incorporates news with the culture of Christianity. It strives to push Christians to speak up against pressing issues such as racism and injustice in the world. Many of the articles posted on the…
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