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This video is a “highlight” piece - summarizing Hillsong Church's philanthropy and activism in the New York City community for the past month. It is the equivalent of the beginning of a sermon typically given in churches which have a considerate…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Facebook page acts as a facilitator of various forms of media. For example, most posts include links to other social media pages, such as Vimeo and YouTube. The page has 1292 likes, yet little interaction with those who have…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian YouTube page is a facilitator of short videos that seem to have a less serious theme. Almost all of the videos are under 5 minutes and don't have much to do with serious ideals - as in faith, worship, etc. Also, the church…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Church Vimeo page is a facilitator of the church's most recent videos. The clips concern worship, faith, the youth of the church, extracurricular church activities, and philanthropy in which the church participates. There…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Church website acts as a facilitator of all information pertaining to the church. This includes but is not limited to, events, contact information, mission statements, volunteer organizations/opportunities, links to all…
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“Countryside Community Church describes itself as ‘a wonderful place to find and worship God. We are an inclusive family of faith, welcoming all to our table of love and acceptance. We are diverse, yet united by Christ’s example. We care for…
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The Facebook page for Countryside Community Church has 715 likes and is updated several times per week. The page contains various posts related to the church’s events and ministries, sermons from weekly church services, links to books and articles…
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Countryside Community Church’s YouTube account was opened on January 25, 2009. This page contains videos containing sermons and music from church services. It has not been updated recently, with most posts dated as 6 or 7 years old.
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Countryside Community Church’s Vimeo account was started in 2010 and contains 112 videos, primarily of sermons and music from church services. This page has not been updated recently, with the newest posts dated from 2013.

Tumblr blog with content consisting of posts pertaining to religion, witchcraft, and popular culture.
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