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This is the heart of Central Baptist Church's online presence. The site offers a simple, yet comprehensive interface that allow the visitor to learn about the institution, its values, and the people behind its success. It is also possible to make…

The public Twitter page for Central Baptist Church. The Pastor and church staff make multiple postings on a daily basis. tweets consist of advice and words of wisdom for followers and even prayer requests.

The public Google Plus profile for Central Baptist Church of New York City. As of November 2015, there are 38 people in the organization's circle. The profile is also accompanied by valuable information such as background, location, and reviews of…
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This is the public Twitter account for Lent Madness. The tweets and retweets pertain to Lent Madness, its founders, its publications, and the saints bracket. They tweet frequently, and they try to tweet every month. As of December 16, 2015, they…
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This is the public Facebook page for Lent Madness. The posts correspond to everything pertaining to Lent Madness. For example, the saints bracket. They make multiple posts each month. As of December 16, 2015, their Facebook page has 12,983 likes.
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The NCAA style bracket featuring 32 saints is the hallmark for Lent Madness. The bracket is released to the public on a special day called "All Brackets' Day," and the voting takes place during Lent. The saint that wins the bracket will win the…
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The Official YouTube channel of Lent Madness. The Supreme Executive Committee, Rev. Tim Schenck and Rev. Scott Gunn, regularly post videos that update Lent Madness fans of news and further inform fans about the different saints.
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The Official Vimeo channel of Lent Madness. Run by the Supreme Executive Committee, Rev. Tim Schenck and Rev. Scott Gunn, the Vimeo channel used to be the site for the weekly "Monday Madness" videos until February 24, 2014 when Rev. Schenck and Rev.…
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This is the public Facebook page for the First Presbyterian Church of Englewood. The posts correspond the church, church events, information for parishioners, and 90 Second Sermon. They post occasionally during the year, but there are more posts…
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The website features: information about the church community, their objectives, posts from their blog (a webpage on their site with posts written by guest authors), and videos from their YouTube and Vimeo channels that they have used during services.…
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