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@Runaway_Writes is Benjamin Moberg's personal Twitter account where he posts and retweets his opinions and thoughts. Most of his tweets are political and centered around peace and acceptance. Moberg tweets and retweets daily. He has 2,410 followers.
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Registered Runaway is a blog started by gay Christian Benjamin Moberg. In his description of the blog, Moberg uses imagery of strays and outcasts, but brings them together with the common goal of making those who find themselves being judged or hurt…
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The Eye of the Tiber Instagram page has 2,831 followers and 112 posts, and it is not following any other accounts. This account serves as a conglomerate of the Facebook and Twitter pages. It posts screenshots of conversations or article titles and…
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The Eye of the Tiber Twitter page has 7,078 followers (as of Nov. 9, 2016) and is following a mere 91. While this Twitter pages serves to share current EOTT articles, it primarily engages the community through an interactive experience. EOTT…
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