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This is a syllabus for learning and talking about women, religion, race and social justice through Beyoncé’s music album Lemonade. The syllabus includes readings, songs, poems and other material for study.
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This is the website of Loyola Press, a Jesuit Ministry. The website includes information on faith formation programs, Catholic resources, and other spiritual based learning material. A link to 3-Minute Retreats is found on the website.
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The Find Your Inner Iggy Pinterest is a board created by Loyola Press, and it posts pictures of a cartoon St. Ignatius of Loyola, “Iggy,” with questions to interact with followers. Users can create and submit their own version of Iggy and share…
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The Find Your Inner Iggy Twitter account interacts with readers by posting and retweeting ways people live out the values of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The account also posts links to Jesuit articles and events to engage followers and promote Jesuit…
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The Ignatian Spirituality Facebook page posts links to articles, pictures, and resources found on The Facebook page also promotes outside articles, videos, and media that relate specifically to Jesuit spirituality.
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The Digital Spiritual Exercises is a resource within that provides users with guided prayers, meditations, and reflections. Readers have access to additional commentary by theologians and scholars, a “community table”…
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Picturing God is the photo section of in which readers can submit their own photos to show how God is present everywhere. There is a featured photo of the week, and one new photo is added each day to the site.
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The dotMagis blog is the section of with articles about how to apply aspects of the Jesuit lifestyle into readers’ everyday lives. Bloggers often pose questions to engage readers while offering spiritual guidance. The posts…
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The website provides readers with resources on how to practice Ignatian/Jesuit values in daily life. The website has information and guides on prayer, reflection, and making good decisions. It caters to a wide audience and is…
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This forum board for The Rabbit Room is a place for people who are part of the spiritual group of Christians to vent and share ideas and have it read by others who are part of the group. The forum board is broken up into topics in which people’s…
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