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This is the website of Agape International that offers information on the community beliefs and practices. There are links on the website to donate, share comments, view events, and be informed and involved. The are also workshops and events that…
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This is the public Facebook page of Agape International that shares pictures and information on upcoming events that can be attended or streamed on the internet. As of November 10, 2016 the page had 37,111 likes. The page has frequent posts.
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Bellevue Presbyterian Church has a Twitter which acts primarily as a form of media for news and updates concerning the church. The page gives information pertaining to community events, and updates on organizations affiliated with the church.…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Facebook page acts as a facilitator of various forms of media. For example, most posts include links to other social media pages, such as Vimeo and YouTube. The page has 1292 likes, yet little interaction with those who have…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian YouTube page is a facilitator of short videos that seem to have a less serious theme. Almost all of the videos are under 5 minutes and don't have much to do with serious ideals - as in faith, worship, etc. Also, the church…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Church Vimeo page is a facilitator of the church's most recent videos. The clips concern worship, faith, the youth of the church, extracurricular church activities, and philanthropy in which the church participates. There…
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The Bellevue Presbyterian Church website acts as a facilitator of all information pertaining to the church. This includes but is not limited to, events, contact information, mission statements, volunteer organizations/opportunities, links to all…
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Brian Houston is the senior pastor and founder of Hillsong Church, an international mega church. He has 460k followers, 279 following, 7,102 Tweets, and 50 likes. Houston Tweets at least once a day, sometimes multiple times a day. He uses this media…
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This is a blog kept by Candice Benbow where she shares thoughts on Christianity, faith, and her life experiences. Also included is an introduction of Benbow and some of her projects. There are 861 likes on her 4 posts.
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This is a podcast produced by Candice Benbow where she discusses any number of topics from “The Observation of Lent” to “Atheism in the African-American Community.” There are 12 podcasts and they are usually around one minute in length.
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