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The NALT Christians Project YouTube channel was launched in June 2013. It has 371 subscribers and 159 videos. Its videos are all members sharing their beliefs regarding LGBT and Christianity. The most recent video is from July 23, 2015, it does not…
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The NALT Christians Project Twitter page was launched in July 2013. It has 1,280 followers 312 tweets, primarily articles and blog posts related to its mission. Its posts are identical to its Facebook feed.
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The NALT Christians Project website is primarily an informational platform to help members learn about the project and how to contribute to it. It also serves as a collection of contributed videos by participants. It was launched in 2013
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@Runaway_Writes is Benjamin Moberg's personal Twitter account where he posts and retweets his opinions and thoughts. Most of his tweets are political and centered around peace and acceptance. Moberg tweets and retweets daily. He has 2,410 followers.
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The Facebook page for Call to Action has 10,152 “likes” and is updated various times a day. Although it contains news stories from around the world, photos, videos, and resources, it mostly focuses on Call to Action projects and the Call to…
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The Twitter page for Call to Action has 1,762 followers, and has posted over 3,500 “tweets”. It used to send out “tweets” every day, but has stopped being active since August 2016. The Call to Action Twitter page features news stories from…
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‘With over 25,000 members and supporters and 50 chapters nationally, Call To Action educates, inspires and activates Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities through a lens of anti-racism and anti-oppression principles’. Call…
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A Facebook page run by Killjoy Prophets to promote further discussion on equality within Christianity. Their page has around 500 likes. They posted with monthly regularity up until January of 2015, when posting stopped.
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A Twitter page used to explore ideas of equality and Christianity. They have almost 2,500 followers and they post on a monthly basis. Their twitter feed is primarily retweets from other users speaking about racial violence and inequality.
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A YouTube page run by Ordain Women that looks at the role of women in the LDS Church. They have 120 subscribers and around 30 videos. These show Ordain Women events and discussions around the role of women in the Church of the Latter Day Saints.
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