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With its slogan “Like the Gospel, things you can share!” this news outlet shares heartwarming, Christian-focused videos or stories that its audience is encouraged to share on social media or through email.

This is the Facebook page maintained by Charisma Magazine. As of November 30, 2016, the page was reaching 187,119 people who liked the page. Every few hours, the page posts links to recent articles on the main website.
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A person can listen to these sermons on two different mediums. First, a person can listen to them for free on iTunes. And second, a person can listen to them on Vimeo. As of December 16, 2015, there are 130 videos on Vimeo, and they have only four…
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The videos on 90 Second Sermon are sermons that are around 90 seconds in length, given by Rev. Richard Hong and Rev. Kellie Anderson-Picallo. The motto for each sermon is: "Inspiration. In small doses." Each sermon focuses on a specific topic like…
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The official website of Lent Madness. Created by Rev. Tim Schenck and managed together with Rev. Scott Gunn, the Lent Madness website features the Lent Madness bracket and other information related to it. This includes Monthly Madness/Monday Madness…
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yesHEis mobile app. The yesHEis mobile app is a portable version of the yesHEis official website. All of the video and blog content on the website is accessible on the application. The app also allows for any yesHEis content to be shared on…
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The yesHEis YouTube Channel is updated with new videos semi-monthly to further promote the objectives of the yesHEis digital campaign. The channel features one to two minute vlogs and short features of the staff at yesHEis discussing what…
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The yesHEis Twitter Feed of 4,000 followers (as of Nov 2015) is updated daily, largely through simple graphics with inspirational quotes attached. Many of the posts are also enhanced through public hashtags.
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The yesHEis Facebook page of nearly 146,000 likes (as of Nov 2015) is updated several times daily with videos, pictures, and inspirational quotes. Though it is one of several social media platforms that yesHEis employs, the Facebook page is used…
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yesHEis is a platform for video sharing and blog posting for current Christians and prospective believers alike. The yesHEis content promotes modern ideas and developments within Christianity. The use of more contemporary mediums can help to inform…
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