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This is the Tumblr feed for He Calls Me Lovely, and it appears to be the main posting venue for the creator. The feed features both explicitly Christian and inspirational quotes displayed on scenic backgrounds. The site also includes icons that link…
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This page shares the same images as the Tumblr page, but on a different platform. It seems like this page began as a personal Instagram page that the creator then linked to her Tumblr to share the same images. This page has 720 posts, 6838 followers,…
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Several posts from He Calls Me Lovely link to this Tumblr page, which appears to be another Tumblr by the same creator. On this page, she does not share anything religious that is designed to be shared, instead using it as her personal page. This…
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 4.59.18 PM.png

The Consurgo Tumblr page links to Brittney Borowski’s personal Instagram page. On this page, she shares photographs that she takes as part of her photography business, but does not appear to post anything religious.
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