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Jamie Wright G+.png

Jamie’s Google+ account works as a catalogue to capture her several of her lesser known online presences. Within this profile, Jamie keeps the link to her main blog page, YouTube account, Google Reader (discontinued), and Blogger. She has 586…
J VWM Pin.jpg

Jamie Wright’s Pinterest page has 1,400 followers, 521 pins, and 20 boards. Most relevantly, her Blog. board has 889 followers and 16 pins. This board serves primarily as a means to promote and share the main blog site by pinning and captioning in…
JVWM twitter.png

The Jamie the Very Worst Missionary Twitter account has 14,500 followers, 13,500 tweets and follows 4,478 accounts. The Twitter page serves as a secondary source to share the images and thoughts from the JamieVWM Instagram page. There is the…
J VWM Insta.jpg

The Jamie the Very Worst Missionary Instagram account has 7,926 followers, 1,731 posts, and follows 140 accounts. The Instagram page shows Jamie’s life in action through enticing and captivating photographs with casual and relatable captions.
JVM FB.png

The Jamie the Very Worst Missionary Facebook page has 70,015 likes and posts frequently, typically everyday. Unlike her blog posts, these Facebook posts are often shorter, quicker, and more humorous revolving around her daily life and reflections.
Jamie VWM.png

Written as a blog, the site is a platform for Jamie to write compelling, and usually lengthy, posts on her current thoughts, moods, and reflections. Posts range from movie reviews, to chance encounters, tied together by a common theme of love,…
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