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Half A Saint is the personal Tumblr blog for the creator of the Two Confused Catholics blog. This blog contains mostly pictures and pieces of text that are reblogged from other sources, but also features some original content by the creator. Many…
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Two Confused Catholics is the original Tumblr blog for the creator, and it contains pictures, gifs, and text that he or she reblogged from other sources. The posts are often about the everyday struggles faced by practicing Catholics and uses…
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Run by an anonymous blogger, this tumblr page provides clear and unadorned quotes from Catholic saints. The aim is to encourage users to reflect on their own lives through the lives of saints. Followers can use the “Ask Box” to request specific…
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Pastor Zach is a tumblr page started by Pastor Zach Way. The page has posts that are mainly comprised of motivational quotes and Bible verses. There are also a variety of artistic and motivational posts that Pastor Zach has re-blogged from other…
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