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RELEVANT Magazine’s Twitter has 214,253 subscribers and is updated throughout the year. The YouTube channel puts up videos, podcasts, Q&A sessions, music videos, and songs that are also featured on the online magazine.
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RELEVANT Magazine’s Twitter has 65.1K followers and is updated multiple times a week. The content that the Instagram account promotes the different articles, podcasts, and videos that are currently being featured on The…
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RELEVANT Magazine online is a online resource that attempts to bridge the gap between popular culture and faith. The magazine features articles, podcasts, songs, music videos, and an online shop that talk about current events, along with everyday…
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The East Lake Community Church Twitter is updated daily with information about new events and series, videos of past services, thanks to past speakers and musicians, and ways to give to both the church and those in need. It also features Promoted…
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With 1,039 followers, the purpose of this Instagram is solely to post short excerpts of songs with links to the YouTube channel, where users can then find the full song.
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The Twitter of the Good Christian Music Blog has 1,420 followers and is used sparsely, with most tweets being separated by a month. The focus of this specific case study appears to be highlighting the Twitter accounts of the artists featured on the…
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The Facebook of The Good Christian Music Blog has 8,548 likes and is sparsely used, with most posts being separated by at least a month. Many of the same music posts from the parent blog can be found here. However, the Facebook page focuses on…
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The original website for The Good Christian Music Blog. This website is in the process of being upgraded and has been mostly inactive due to the upgrade, with the most recent post being from February of 2016.
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Brittney Borowski’s personal Instagram links to this Youtube page, which features videos about her photography and songs that she likes to listen to while working. On this page, there is a playlist entitled “My Favorite Worship Songs,” but the…
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Hillsong's Youtube Account reaches an audience of nearly 330,000 subscribers and features the music videos of Hillsong Worship. Hillsong Worship is an extension of Hillsong Church that focuses on worship through Christian music.
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