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Darkwood Brew

"Based on the structure of the Lectio Divina, an ancient spiritual practice developed by Benedictine monks in the 5th Century, and using cutting edge technology; Darkwood Brew explores The Unexpected Love of God in relevant, challenging and…

Quest Church App

"Sermons. Events. Social Media. Connection.

Our app is simply an extension of our church community as we continue to pursue the Gospel by loving others. We invite you to use it to stay connected and engaged."
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This is the public Facebook page of 3-Minute Retreats. The posts include links to the retreats as well as several other articles and pictures in relation to spiritual guidance. The page is kept up to date and has 35,873 likes as of November 10, 2016.…
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The videos on 90 Second Sermon are sermons that are around 90 seconds in length, given by Rev. Richard Hong and Rev. Kellie Anderson-Picallo. The motto for each sermon is: "Inspiration. In small doses." Each sermon focuses on a specific topic like…
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A person can listen to these sermons on two different mediums. First, a person can listen to them for free on iTunes. And second, a person can listen to them on Vimeo. As of December 16, 2015, there are 130 videos on Vimeo, and they have only four…
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A Nun's Life Facebook is a platform where the Nuns post pictures, videos, and times for the events they host on their website. There are 5,921 likes on A Nun’s Life Facebook. Multiple posts are made daily that include links relevant articles about…
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The official website for A Nun's Life is the main platform for the sisters to post information regarding their mission and advertise their other social media platforms. This website contains links to their blogs and podcasts and their Facebook,…
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A Nun's Life Twitter is a platform where the sisters retweet relevant articles and tweets pertaining to their mission of discovering ways to think about God and religious life. This account has 4,840 followers. The account is very active with…
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A Nun's Life YouTube is a platform for the Sisters to post videos explaining their mission, as well as videos discussing questions they have gotten through discussions on their website.
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The Facebook page of 3,760 likes (as of Nov 2015) is operated year-round. However it is the most active during the Advent and Christmas seasons. It features promotional links, videos, and images in preparation for Advent.
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