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RELEVANT Magazine’s Twitter has 214,253 subscribers and is updated throughout the year. The YouTube channel puts up videos, podcasts, Q&A sessions, music videos, and songs that are also featured on the online magazine.
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RELEVANT Magazine’s Twitter has 65.1K followers and is updated multiple times a week. The content that the Instagram account promotes the different articles, podcasts, and videos that are currently being featured on The…
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RELEVANT Magazine online is a online resource that attempts to bridge the gap between popular culture and faith. The magazine features articles, podcasts, songs, music videos, and an online shop that talk about current events, along with everyday…
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This is a podcast produced by Candice Benbow where she discusses any number of topics from “The Observation of Lent” to “Atheism in the African-American Community.” There are 12 podcasts and they are usually around one minute in length.
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The Get Religion Twitter is updated daily with links to new articles on the Get Religion Website. It has almost 12,000 followers and 9,880 tweets.
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The Get Religion Facebook is updated daily with links to new articles on the Get Religion Website. There are tabs devoted to finding podcasts, email signups, and information about the blog. The page has 1,863 likes.
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Get Religion is a blog founded by Terry Mattingly and Douglas LeBlanc that serves as a place of information and opinions about religious coverage in the mainstream press. New articles are published daily by numerous writers. Many of the articles have…
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This Instagram is still in the early stages of its life, having gathered 301 followers in less than 9 months. This account is mainly focused on sharing links to articles posted on the parent website. It also posts memes that focus on popular culture…
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This Twitter account is very active, featuring roughly 21,200 tweets and 7,549 followers. Most tweets are links to new articles that were posted on the parent website.
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This Facebook account is very active, posting daily for the 5,115 Facebook users that like the page. For the most part, the posts are links to new articles that were posted on the parent website. The Facebook page is also used to post memes that…
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