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This page on Google+ is made up of photos and links to articles in relation to those photos. Any reader can click on the active links in the posts to be redirected to the CAPC website.

The Instagram page of CAPC consists of posts related to pop culture that are also being talked about on the site. While it does not provide any links to the website in the individual posts, the Instagram posts encourage people to go to the Christ &…

This Facebook page consists of posts that are made up of a photo and the headline to an article that are linked to the website of CAPC. Click the article displayed in the post and you will be taken to the full article on the CAPC website.

The Twitter page of Christ & Pop Culture posts tweets that have links to longer articles that are located on the website. It is an easy way for someone to click the link and a tweet and navigate to the CAPC website.
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The official website for A Nun's Life is the main platform for the sisters to post information regarding their mission and advertise their other social media platforms. This website contains links to their blogs and podcasts and their Facebook,…
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A Nun's Life YouTube is a platform for the Sisters to post videos explaining their mission, as well as videos discussing questions they have gotten through discussions on their website.
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A Nun's Life Twitter is a platform where the sisters retweet relevant articles and tweets pertaining to their mission of discovering ways to think about God and religious life. This account has 4,840 followers. The account is very active with…
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A Nun's Life Facebook is a platform where the Nuns post pictures, videos, and times for the events they host on their website. There are 5,921 likes on A Nun’s Life Facebook. Multiple posts are made daily that include links relevant articles about…
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