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The HopeMob Twitter page was started in 2011. It has 235K followers and has tweeted 12.3K times. It posts both original content promoting HopeMob as well as many retweets about related information.
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The HopeMob Facebook page was started in 2012. It has countless posts, primarily sharing posts from other pages, advertising events across the country, and spreading the word about various charity opportunities. The most recent post is from September…
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The HopeMob website is an informational platform to help members learn about, join, and donate to the organization. It was launched in 2012.
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The NALT Christians Project YouTube channel was launched in June 2013. It has 371 subscribers and 159 videos. Its videos are all members sharing their beliefs regarding LGBT and Christianity. The most recent video is from July 23, 2015, it does not…
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The NALT Christians Project Twitter page was launched in July 2013. It has 1,280 followers 312 tweets, primarily articles and blog posts related to its mission. Its posts are identical to its Facebook feed.
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The NALT Christians Project website is primarily an informational platform to help members learn about the project and how to contribute to it. It also serves as a collection of contributed videos by participants. It was launched in 2013
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This is a syllabus for learning and talking about women, religion, race and social justice through Beyoncé’s music album Lemonade. The syllabus includes readings, songs, poems and other material for study.
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Rev. Blackmon’s Facebook page has 9,198 followers and 4,941 friends. Rev. Traci Blackmon utilizes Facebook to share current events, related articles, and personal thoughts regarding such articles. Additionally, Reverend Blackmon updates her…

Rev. Blackmon’s Twitter account has 3,850 followers and 4,931 tweets. Rev. Blackmon actively uses Twitter to share quick thoughts of wisdom relating to current events and daily life, as well as connect followers back to lengthier Facebook posts and…
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This is a link to a Tumblr page called “Everyone Is Gay,” on which Reverend Broderick Greer has contributed 5 different posts. The site’s main purpose is to provide a resource for advice and guidance for LGBTQ youth. In posts that span from…
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