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Quest Church App

"Sermons. Events. Social Media. Connection.

Our app is simply an extension of our church community as we continue to pursue the Gospel by loving others. We invite you to use it to stay connected and engaged."
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The yesHEis Facebook page of nearly 146,000 likes (as of Nov 2015) is updated several times daily with videos, pictures, and inspirational quotes. Though it is one of several social media platforms that yesHEis employs, the Facebook page is used…
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The yesHEis Twitter Feed of 4,000 followers (as of Nov 2015) is updated daily, largely through simple graphics with inspirational quotes attached. Many of the posts are also enhanced through public hashtags.
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The yesHEis YouTube Channel is updated with new videos semi-monthly to further promote the objectives of the yesHEis digital campaign. The channel features one to two minute vlogs and short features of the staff at yesHEis discussing what…
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The AdventWord project works to create a worldwide Advent calendar through daily hashtag themes including "proclaim," "wonder," "listen," and "pray." The project is primarily active during Advent (late Nov-Dec). AdventWord takes the core values of…
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The AdventWord Instagram account contributes to its hashtag campaign by pairing the daily suggested hashtags with thematic pictures. The account has over 1,000 followers, and the "adventword" hashtag has been used nearly 15,000 times (as of Nov…
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This Facebook page has a general introduction to the mission of Hillsong Church and provides visitors with basic information such as the service times and location of the NYC chapter, links to their website and to their pastors . The page is mostly…
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The Twitter page of the New York chapter of Hillsong Church is described to be the best way to stay in touch with what's happening with the church. It has links to their website, and provides a lot of information about their upcoming events and their…
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The Facebook page of 3,760 likes (as of Nov 2015) is operated year-round. However it is the most active during the Advent and Christmas seasons. It features promotional links, videos, and images in preparation for Advent.
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The AdventWord Twitter feed is operated year-round, but is most active in the months leading up to and during the Advent season. It is largely updated with inspirational messages and aesthetically pleasing images. The page also stays active by…
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