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This is the public Facebook page of Candice Benbow where she shares information about her work as well as her personal life and thoughts. There are 1,118 likes on the page as of November 11, 2016.
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This is a syllabus for learning and talking about women, religion, race and social justice through Beyoncé’s music album Lemonade. The syllabus includes readings, songs, poems and other material for study.
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The Twitter account of Women in Theology. The page has 4,086 followers and 7,228 tweets. It is used primarily to share articles from the blog’s homepage, as well as to retweet links and tweets that further their mission of speaking about social…

The Facebook page for the Women in Theology online community. 1,790 users like this Facebook page, and it is used primarily for sharing articles that appear on the blog homepage or articles from other sources that pertain to issues of women in…
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The Women in Theology home website is the hub of WIT’s online presence. It features articles posted by women worldwide contributing on a number of issues, such as politics, social issues, and church issues.
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Stephanie Drury also runs this blog, which is linked on the Stuff Christian Culture Likes blog. Venus Hill is described as an online café to facilitate discussion about theology, particularly the biblical theology of women. Though Drury acknowledges…
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Videos produced by The Bible Project and shared on YouTube. The account has 107 videos and 185,936 subscribers as of November 8, 2016.
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Recordings of live question and response sessions held by creators Tim Mackie and Jon Collins. Mackie and Collins respond to questions from YouTube viewers and focus on Biblical books or topics. Streams originated on YouTube and were later posted to…
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Podcasts featuring The Bible Project creators discussing the Bible, theology, and history as they prepare to make each of their videos. Podcasts can be accessed via the organization’s website, iTunes, or download.
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